Sunday, January 11, 2015

3 years!

Amazing how time flies. It is 3 years ago since we got this wonderful gift of a new family member. Our little miracle is getting big and still, not a day passes by without thanking our surrogate, N, our doctors, Dr. Sudhir Ajja and dr. Yashodhara Mhatre with the superb team of Surrogacy India.

The uncertain legal situation in India makes me so happy over that we never waited with our surrogacy process. Today everything is so much more complicated and I'm not even sure we could. It sure is a strange development.

To tell you the truth, I still miss Mumbai very much. Even though it's been a while - and feels so too - I somehow feel very close to the country anyway. I highly cherish my brother, Sudhir, how we have kept in touch.

Erik. Our wonderful Erik. He is a little humorous guy. Still extremely interested in cars, tractors and all other kind of vechicles. He sings so well, loves to snuggle. He is a mommy's boy which makes his daddy somewhat sad and maybe even a bit jealous. As it comes to diapers, we practiced the whole summer with varying results. In the beginning of September, anyhow, while eating dinner, I mentioned for Erik that Santas Little Helpers were already peeking in the window to see if the children behave. Unexpectedly, this became a source of motivation for our little guy. He declared that he wished SO SO much for a HUGE truck from Santa and that he would go to the potty every time. The next morning he refused to wear his pull-ons and I quickly had to gather 5 pairs of underwear, pants and socks to bring to the daycare. Everything has went very smoothly since then.

I can, of course, not make a post without writing about our 5-years old Jennifer, too! Our lovely little clever girl. I am so amazed of how you have grown into such a wonderful human being. I love your flexibility, musicality, thoughtfulness and how emphatetic you truly are. Jennifer has finally started to read, too. Not fast and not very well, but still, she understands how it's done and is very interested. You go, girl!

Our little Lucia who sang so beautifully on December 13th. 

Well, Erik had to try it on, too :)

<3 <3 <3

Christmas 2014

Mommy gets a big hug on New Years Eve. 
On December 1st, we had to say our last goodbye to our beloved four-legged friend and family member, Bessie. She was almost 12 years but still going strong, guarding us every single moment. She went through an uterus surgery (due to an uterus infection it was removed along with ovaries) in August and recovered pretty well. Nevertheless she never totally stopped bleeding  and suffered from several urinary tract infections post operation. On December 1st we went to the vet because of  increased bleeding. She was slightly sedated in order to be able to look for the reason and was diagnosed with uterine fibroids, an easy thing to fix in her case. Unfortunately, also a huge spleen tumor was discovered and she was put to sleep immediately. Of course, it has been a sad time for all of us but we are so glad that the whole family could be there, next to her as she passed on to a better place.
Bessie, in August 2014, a few weeks after her surgery.


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