Monday, October 6, 2014

Probably the best daughter in the World!

Today is a very, very special day. 5 years ago, an extremely sweet little girl was born. The best job I've ever done -carrying and giving birth to my firstborn, our JENNIFER.

Every day with you is a blessing. Every night I sing my Estonian lullaby for you, I look at you and feel so grateful to be your mother. You are such a ray of sunshine in our lives. You are a fantastic person, thoughtful, clever and smart. I admire your flexibility and your wonderful way of including everyone around you to play and explore the world. You sing so beautifully and I think you've given the singing bug to your little brother, too :) We love your versatility and creativity as you draw, paint, glue and create loads of art every single day (and we thank IKEA of Sweden for all the pens, pencils, paint, papers, aprons and everything else we need, without being totally ruined, haha).
When  it was time for you to choose a theme for your first birthday party with your friends, we were  afraid sure you would suggest something pink and "princessy". Instead, you surprised us totally with your Halloween Birthday party idea, out of nowhere. (In Sweden, Halloween is not celebrated that much and we still don't know where you got this idea). Nevertheless, we were just as excited as you and thank the Amazing Internet for diversity of Halloween decorations and stuff. So much fun :)


Posing in a new dress, made by my mother

Our little doc. Doctor's coat made by my mother as well!

<3 <3 <3

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