Monday, October 7, 2013

A fresh 4-year-old!

Yesterday was Jennifer's 4th birthday. We celebrated a wonderful day with her and had extended familiy  visiting in the afternoon/evening. I believe she was very happy :)
The day before her birthday Jennifer bursted out that she loooonged for her birthday to come. I asked her what exactly she was waiting for (thinking she would probably long for presents). "I'm longing for my birthday, because everybody will come to visit and they will sing for me and say happy birthday" :)
Our little peanut, we love you SO much and feel incredibly blessed for having the honor of being your parents. Thank you for the laughter, love and sunshine you bring into our lives. For the challenges to learn from. For loving music and singing just as much as we dreamed of!
Early morning birthday gift, a new bunny that works :)
A very busy doc mcStuffins :) No time for posing AT ALL. I saw that she pushed the stetoscope's heart button several times, looking at her favourite toys, kind of hoping for them to wake up. She knew it wouldn't happen but still couldn't resist to try. What if it works?
 My mother herself has sewn the doctors coat for Jennifer!

Jennifer wished for a birthday cake with butterflies and ladybugs. Here it is! Home made from scratch. (But the decoration is from amazon)


  1. Beautiful photos!! Happy Birthday Jennifer xx

  2. That is a great cake!!! Happy happy birthday Jennifer.