Friday, June 7, 2013

Almost 1 1/2!

Oh, Erik is 17 months already. Time goes fast when you're having fun!
After a very late spring, the summer weather really has hit us with wonderful, sunny days. This time of the year is the most pleasant. The most of the summer is yet ahead and the days are SOOO long. I love it!

At the end of May we had the joy of being at a little new family members baptism. It was very nice. The funny thing is, each time we attend a baptising ceremony, both me and my husband say to each other that we are so happy for not letting our kids be baptised. As I have mentioned before, I am most certainly spiritual and believe in some kind of higher power and Guardian Angels but neither me nor my husband go to church. We just feel no need of ceremonies and rituals and I strongly believe that baptism is not needed for being loved and protected by higher powers. A prayer or a small talk, asking for advice from God or Guardian Angel can take place any time and anywhere. In the same way we feel that being baptised is something we wish our children to deside by themselves as they grow bigger. I was baptised when I was 11 and wanted to. It feels great to remember it.
Nevertheless, we got some cute pics of our sweethearts!

Nowadays our kids are outdoors most hours of the days and it is so great to have our own garden and backyard. We bought a small slide for the kids and it is very popular.

 Erik has very quickly learned how to handle the slide by him own - aswell as getting up and down the stairs to the garden (or the front door aswell). He is a quick learner and I'm surprised by his ability to immitate everything very fast - both good things and bad. One of the sweetest things that he tries to pronounce right now is "mellanmål", meaning "snack". Hard to explain, but believe me, it is extremely cute when such a small child says such a long word or actually two words put together. He also seems to be very much ready for daycare. Every time when we go to leave or pick up Jennifer, he just "joins the party" and forgets me. It must be mentioned here that he is other ways very much mommy's boy and always makes sure that he knows where I am. I deeply hope that he will like being at daycare when September comes. But it sure looks promising. :)
Still very happy when playing with his favourite cars

Jennifer is currently testing us many times, every day. It's a good thing that both me and my husband are evenly consequent as it comes to not giving in and going the easy way. We do believe that LOTS of love and clear borders are something that makes children feel safe and good. But aaah, sometimes I just don't know what to say any more.
My little girl is growing big!

Erik LOVES the lawnmover. It takes about an hour to cut our grass and each time my husband does it, he is dutyfully followed by Erik. Jennifer never did this. Well, maybe for a minute or two but certainly not in an hour! I hope that he will like this job as much when he is old enough to handle the real lawnmover, too!!!
That's all for this time, folks! No certain news on the job front yet. I'll let you know when I got news.

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  1. What a lovely idea about letting them decide their own baptism. My son did that as well when he was in his teens. The ceremony meant a lot to him personally.

    Erik and Jennifer look great as always!!!