Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Soon to be 16 months!

Hi there!
I know, I know. Long time since my last post. Days pass by so quickly and I guess nothing special has happened. Both kids had a cold during and after Easter so we were at home most of the holidays. Now everything is back to normal and we eagerly wait for the warmer weather so the spring can really come and stay - until summer takes over.

Right before Easter, I was to my gynaecologist for a routine check-up, which I must do every 6 months. On February 17th this year it was 3 years since my hysterectomy (due to cervical cancer diagnosed 3 months after Jennifer was born). This means, it's 2 more years to go until I'm free from my diagnosis. Last friday I got my PAP test result aswell and for my great relief, everything was fine. I hate those days between test and results. They really remind me of how I lost my uterus, how sick I was - without even feeling ill. It's still kind of abstract for me. I remember looking at tampon and Always advertisements, thinking how unfair it is that I will never need any of those again. At the same time, I'm happy to be a survivor. And despite the sad story, I'm still a mother of two wonderful children that both are purely ours. It's so amazing, isn't it?  All of you having surrogate babies, I'm sure you understand how this sometimes can overwhealm you: IT IS SO FANTASTIC that our children do exist!

About the children, Erik is a great runner nowadays. He has learned how to safely climb up to the sofa and Jennifers bed - and down. He also gets safely down from our bed, even if it's to high for him in order to climb back up again. Jennifer never has been a climber. She kind of needs to be motivated an pushed to do physical activity like biking on her three-wheeler. She knows how to do it but just doesn't care. Also when it comes to climbing and running at daycare, she rather sits in the sandbox, playing and singing. Erik is not a monster climber either but since he wants to do everything that Jennifer does, he has to appy himself. This way he learns some things much earlier. Also, we might be a bit cooler as parents and let him manage by himself. :)

Right now, Jennifer absolutely loves when we tell her about words she couldn't pronounce properly when she was smaller. It is so cute when she tells us that she couldn't say words like "avocado" saying "cado" instead etc. I guess this theme is kind of exciting now when Erik is learning to speak. He says quite a few words now, in his own way of course, but still!

At the end of March, we still had snow. Here we are, on our way back from
Jennifers daycare

My little chefs :)
 Erik is very facinated by the vacuumer. He often "tells me" which closet it's hidden in and wants me to take it out. when I do so, he loudly demands me to start vacuuming. It's so silly and funny. Especially as Jennifer at the same time runs to her room, shuts the door and plays alone with her Fisher-Price farm until I'm done. She doesn't like noise. But Erik seems to love machines. Even when I'm making fresh carrot/apple juice, he comes running to see what's the "wonderful" sound, haha.

Two Easer bunnies. Jennifer LOVES a facepaint :)

Playing in Jennifers room. Erik most often makes sure there's a big mess.

The luckiest mom!


  1. 3 years down - 2 to go. You can do it!!!

    1. Thanks for the peptalk, it's wonderful with positive vibes! I sure can! :) Kramar!

  2. It is these obstacles in life that have given you the strength to seek out your family and be the incredible mom that you are. Love the picture updates-- cannot believe how big your "little" viking is getting!

    1. Thank you for your kindest words. He is indeed becoming a big boy! Longing for your next update, Bernadette!